Egyptian bronze ring bezel of Akhenaten




A very fine bronze stirrup ring bezel decorated with a lion below a khepesh, in front of the lion is an inscription which probably reads Nefer-kheper(ru)-re. This inscription is part of one of the names for the pharaoh Akhenaten, and the lion (“lord”) and khepesh (“strength”) were combined in hieroglyphs to form an epithet for kingship.

Egypt, XVIIIth Dynasty, reign of Akhenaten, c. 1353-1336 BC

2.1 x 1.2 cms

Part of ring shank lost, two ancient solder repairs on one side of the shoulder

Ex. private collection, Bergen, New Jersey, USA; acquired during the 1970’s from older collections, mostly from Parke-Bernet Galleries, New York. Two old ink collection numbers behind the bezel: ?6.40.116 and 871

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Also several examples excavated by Petrie at Tel-el Amarna: UC12455, UC58323 and UC12439