Cypriot Bronze Age pottery phallus vessel



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An extremely rare red polished ware pottery pouring vessel in the form of a phallus. The surface is decorated with extensive incised designs and a double piercing above the spout.

We have been unable to find a published parallel for this vessel which must be related to bull’s horn shaped vases, albeit with an obvious reversal of the spout and base ends.

Cyprus, Early Bronze Age III to Middle Bronze Age I, c. 2100-1850 BC

8.1 x 4.2 cms

A chip on one side of the base and a minute chip inside the spout, otherwise intact apart from the accretions on one side which could be removed

Ex. private collection, Surrey, UK; acquired from Sothebys (London) between 1960’s-1980’s.

A collector’s label on the underside of the base.