Cypriot pottery jug decorated with a bird and hunter




A pottery jug painted with free-field linear decoration. The front of the body is decorated with a large flying bird with open beak which is being approached by a diminutive human figure, presumably a hunter. Behind the human figure is a bi-chrome star and the background of the decoration is filled with swastikas, perhaps representing flying birds in the sky. The sides of the jug spout are decorated with apotropaic eyes.

Cyprus, Archaic Period, c. 750-600 BC

12.5 x 9.8 cms

Handle repaired, general light wear as seen in the photographs. The ring foot is slightly irregular on one side due to an error in firing or potting but the jug stands unassisted.

Ex. private collection, Florida, USA; acquired in 1999 from the Archaeological Centre, Tel Aviv, Israel.