Egyptian funerary cone of the chief wab-priest Sobekmose




A pottery funerary cone for Sobekmose, the inscription on two horizontal lines reads: “Honoured by Osiris, chief wab-priest, Sobekmose, true of voice”.

Funerary cones such as this were set above the doorways of some tombs in the New Kingdom, the inscribed disc surface recording the name and occupation of the deceased, and the shape imitating the use of cut wooden rafters or branches to make a symbolic roof over the tomb door. The mural inscriptions in the tomb of Sobekmose record that he was also a priest in the temple of Amenophis III.

Egypt, (Thebes, Qurnet Murai, tomb TT275), New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty, 13th Century BC

7.6 x 8 cms

Light chipping and wear, the undecorated length of the cone has been reduced. The finger impressions of the manufacturer of the cone are clearly impressed into the sides.

Ex. private collection, France, acquired 1980’s/1990’s; almost certainly originating from the excavations of the French archaeologist Henri Gauthier who discovered around 300 of these cones in the tomb of Sobekmose (Theban Tomb 275).