Egyptian New Kingdom funerary cone for Denreg



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A pottery funerary cone inscribed for Denreg. The full hieroglyphic text reads: “One honoured by Osiris, Chief Wab-priest, Denreg, True-of-Voice”.
Funerary cones were inserted above the doors of private tombs and were most popular in the Theban region. The location of the tomb of Denreg has not been recorded though it was discovered in the early 19th Century.

Egypt, New Kingdom, 18th to 20th Dynasty, c. 1550-1070 BC

8.6 x 7.5 cms

The tip of the cone has been broken away and there are some losses around the text as seen in the photographs

Ex. private collection, Nottingham, UK; formerly in a 19th or early 20th Century collection; funerary cones for Denreg were already in circulation as early as 1836.

For an inferior example now in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, please see: https://collections.mfa.org/objects/135656