Egyptian Tell el Yahudiyeh ware pottery fish vase



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A rare Tell el-Yahudiyeh ware grey burnished pottery vase in the form of a fish with incised line and dot decoration.

Tell el-Yahudiyeh ware pottery was named by WM Flinders-Petrie after a site in the Nile Delta which produced prolific finds of this distinctive ware. It is believed to be Canaanite in origin on stylistic grounds but has been found in Egypt, Cyprus and the Levant.

Egypt or Eastern Mediterranean, c. 1750-1550 BC

5.9 x 11.5 cms

Intact apart from very light surface wear

Ex. Dr M.G. Weller collection, Penzance, Cornwall, UK.

For two similar but incomplete fish shaped vessels excavated by WM Flinders Petrie, please see the Petrie Museum online catalogue, items UC13476 and UC 13477.