Egyptian faience Osirian Triad amulet


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A very fine pale blue glazed faience amulet depicting the Osirian Triad of Isis, Horus and Nephthys.

After Osiris went to the afterlife, Isis raised her son Horus with the help of her sister Nephthys. Isis hid her son from his jealous uncle Seth, who had killed Osiris and taken the throne of Egypt from him. Amulets like this were placed on the lower torso of the mummy to protect the deceased as Isis and Nephthys protected Horus.

Egypt, Late Dynastic period, 730-332 BC

3.8 x 2.5 cms

One corner of the base has been repaired, the top right corner of the amulet (including the head of Nephthys) has been restored.

Ex. private collection, Berlin, Germany; acquired in 1999 from Royal Athena Galleries, New York, USA.