Egyptian large faience figure with a baboon and hare




A large and unusual faience statuette depicting a seated figure with a hare between his legs and a baboon riding on his shoulders. Although scribes are often shown associated with the baboon god Thoth the figure depicted here is not shown in a typical scribe’s pose and the addition of the hare is also unusual. The governors of the 15th (Hare) nome of Middle Egypt were priests of Thoth and therefore the figure may be linked to this area in some way.

Egypt, Late Dynastic Period, 730-332 BC

9 x 4.9 cms

Fragment as shown, the glaze discoloured/eroded apart from a small green section on the back

Ex. collection: Alfred Theodore Arber-Cooke (c.1905-1993), thence by family descent; collection acquired from the 1930s to the 1970s. Arber-Cooke was a keen amateur antiquarian and author of two books on British archaeology.