Egyptian faience shabti of Djed-Hor



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An extremely rare and fine glazed faience shabti for Djed-Hor, born to Renpet-nefert.

Unusually, no titles are given for Djed-Hor so his profession is unknown though he would have been an important person to merit such fine shabtis in the afterlife.

The modelling of the shabti is exceptionally fine and it is fired to higher temperature than normal resulting in an almost vitrified core.

Egypt, XXXth Dynasty, c. 380-343 BC

18.8 x 4.9 cms

Repaired from three pieces, with some chipping and minor losses as seen in the photographs

Ex. private collection, Yorkshire, UK; acquired from a Northern English museum when it was closed in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s. Probably ex. Lord Hastings collection (East Anglia), dispersed in the late 19th Century.

An early 20th Century wood display block (not attached) for this shabti has two old labels “T-her Born of Nefer-renpt” and “Egyptian about 1200 BC. From Ld. Hastings coll.”, the underside of the base is inscribed with numerous inventory or collection numbers.

For another example please see the highly recommended: The Shabti Collections (vol. 5), A selection from the Manchester Museum, Glenn Janes 2012; catalogue number 222.

Both a small and a large type of shabti is known for Djed-Hor (this example being the large type). Two large shabtis are recorded in the Manchester Museum, another in Florence Museum and a fragment in Moscow. The catalogue cited above has no record of a any Djed-Hor shabti having been offered for sale except for a small example in 1972.