Egyptian Early Dynastic greywacke inscribed bowl




A fine carved greywacke bowl with smooth sides and an inverted edge on the inside of the rim. One side of the bowl retains an ink inscription with two hieroglyphs: ankh (life) and ka (soul). The inscription thus suggesting a libation vessel for the eternal life or preservation of the soul.

Egypt, Early Dynastic, probably Dynasty II, c. 2890-2686 BC

5.4 x 17.1 cms

A small section of the rim has been professionally restored, otherwise intact apart from a surface chip to the inside surface

Ex. collection: D. Ellis, London, UK; acquired from Helios Gallery in 2001. Formerly in UK private collection acquired before 1970.

For an exceptional greywacke libation vessel carved as an ankh and ka combined, now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, please see: