Greek or East Greek Geometric bronze figure




A bronze stylised figure of a man seated on a bench with his arms outstretched before him, probably a depiction of an artisan or craftsman.

The sinuous curved arms of the figure are a distinctive feature of Greek late Geometric bronze figurines. Although rare, these figures show an astonishingly broad subject matter from mythological heroes to craftsmen and almost playful depictions of daily life.

The posture of this figure bears some resemblance to Egyptian depictions of grain millers and this may indicate an origin with both Greek and Egyptian influences such as Cyprus or another of the Mediterranean islands.

Greece or East Greek Islands, Geometric, late 8th Century BC

4.5 x 4 cms, 5cms including base

Intact as seen in the photographs, mounted on a polished bronze display base

Ex. private collection, New York, USA; acquired at auction in Europe during the 1980’s

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