Etruscan Six’s Technique wine krater with inebriation scenes



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A pottery krater decorated in the Six’s Technique with super-posed red painted figures over the black slip surface. One side depicts an orderly procession of two fully robed figures, probably priests, holding a cymbal and a sistrum. The other side shows two naked satyrs also holding objects in their hands which are raised as if in dance or a state of joviality.

It seems that the painter of this krater (wine mixing bowl) intentionally drew comparison between the priests and satyrs in a humorous fashion, perhaps hinting at the effects of wine on even the most abstemious of partakers.

Italy, Etruscan, late 5th or 4th Century BC

20.3 x 19.7 cms

The foot has been restored (reconstructed) and the stem has been repaired, light surface wear as seen in the photographs

Ex. private collection, Hampshire, UK; acquired mid to late 20th Century