Greek Attic black figure pottery oinochoe



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A black figure pottery oinochoe jug with a trefoil spout, the front of the body is decorated with a figure of a deer standing beside a tree. The finely painted figure is highlighted with sparse incisions and areas of white painted detail.

Deer were sacred to Artemis, the goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals as well as fertility. She was also the helper of midwives as a goddess of birth.

Greek, Athens, late 6th to early 5th Century BC

12.5 x 7.2 cms

Foot chipped and a patch of restoration on the body by the forward back leg of the deer; minor re-painting on a small surface chip on the body of the deer as well as the forward back leg and the trunk of the background tree

Ex. private collection, Chambery, France; inherited and passed down through the same family since the late 19th Century.