Greek white ground lekythos possibly depicting Krotos



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A fine black figure white ground lekythos decorated with a satyr holding a bow while running and turning to his rear.

Images of satyrs holding a bow are rare, it is therefore likely that this is a depiction of the demi-god Krotos.

Krotos (or Crotus) was the son of Pan and Eupheme, he was credited with the invention of archery and was a companion to the Muses. He was depicted as a satyr or centaur holding a bow and became the source of the constellation Sagittarius. The running pose is probably also a reference to Krotos’ swiftness as a hunter.

Greek, Athens, mid to late 5th Century BC

19.1 x 7 cms

Surface wear as seen in the photographs, minor re-painting to some very small chips

Ex. private collection, Germany; acquired in Cologne during the 1990’s.