Greek Neolithic pottery cup, ex. Erlenmeyer Collection


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A rare burnished pottery cup with a streaked slip surface and fine tapering base.

Greek, early Neolithic, Corinth or Sesklo, c. 5400-3300 BC

6.1 x 9 cms

Minor chipping on the rim, some surface accretions (mainly to the interior)

Ex. private collection, London, UK; acquired from Helios Gallery in November 2000. Formerly in the collection of Professor Hans (1900-1967) and Marie-Louise (1912-1997) Erlenmeyer, Switzerland. The Erlenmeyer collection is widely regarded as one of the most important private academic collections of antiquities formed in the 20th Century spanning numerous West Asian as well as early Greek cultures.

Accompanied by a 1950’s-60’s hand-written note making reference to Neolithic Corinth