Cycladic Pelos Group pottery pyxis and lid




A rare pottery pyxis with a flanged rim and domed lid. Both sides of the pyxis shoulder are mounted with a pierced lug (one remaining) and the lid is pierced in two corresponding places so that it could be attached to the body with some string or chord.

Greek, Cycladic Islands, Pelos Group, Early Bronze Age I, c. 3000 – 2800 BC

Pyxis: extensive chipping around the rim, one pierced lug lost; the original soil which filled the vessel during burial is still contained within. Lid: edges chipped and one pierced lug mostly lost. The pottery is overall in good stabile condition and the burnish appears to be well preserved below the thin accretions covering much of the surface.

13.5 x 13.8 cms including the lid

Ex. private collection, London, UK; acquired beofre the 1970’s. Deposited in storage for the past 50 years.

A very similar pyxis (missing the lid) ws formerly in the Erlenmeyer Collection; sold at Sothebys London, 13th December 1990, lot number 119.