Greek painted pottery protome with exceptional provenance




A moulded pottery protome depicting a female veiled head wearing long earrings and a sphendone in her hair, her right hand is raised and holds her veil. The surface retains extensive white and red painted decoration.

Greek, Tarentine colonies in Italy, late 4th Century BC

20.7 x 19.6 cms

Repaired from five pieces with losses as seen in the photographs

Ex. estate of Dr. Bernard, Orleans, France; formerly inherited from Alice Hemmerdinger in 1949.
Ex. estate of the archaeologist Louis Capitan (1854-1929), by auction 14th December 1929.
With the dealers Graat et Madoulé, Paris, in 1899.
Ex. collection: the archaeologist Théodore Vacquer (1824-1899).
Ex. collection: the antiquarian and art collector Baron Brunet-Denon (via the important auction of the Baron’s collections in February 1846). Brunet-Denon was the nephew Baron Dominique Vivant Denon, Napoleon’s archaeological advisor and the first director of The Louvre Museum.

Various 19th and 20th Century paper labels on both sides of the protome recording the succession of provenance.

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