British Celtic limestone head from the Dobunni region




A very striking Celtic head carved from hard fossiliferous limestone. The head is depicted with raised amygdaloid slanting eyes, a schematic nose between smooth flat cheeks and roughening of the surface of the lower face indicative of a beard.

Britain, Celtic, c. 1st to 3rd Century AD; reputedly found in Worcestershire (ancient region of the Dobunni Celts)

18.5 x 12.3 x 14.8 cms

Intact as shown, the surface has been lightly cleaned

Ex. collection: M. King, London, UK; acquired in 1998 from Chris Rudd, Norfolk, UK. Published and illustrated: Chris Rudd Celtic coins and artefacts, catalogue 32, item 4. (A copy of the relevant page and catalogue cover supplied with the head). A black ink collection number “3867” inscribed under the base.

Please note that a cultural export license would be required for this item to be exported from the UK; this can be arranged at no additional cost to an overseas buyer.