Roman fine small marble torso of Doryphoros




A fine marble torso fragment from a small sculpture of Doryphoros modelled as a standing naked warrior, his torso elegantly curved in order to balance a spear over his left shoulder.

The muscular yet sinuous pose of the figure imitates the sculpture known as Doryphoros (“Spear Bearer”) which was created by the Greek master sculptor Polykleitos in the 4th Century BC.

The Romans found great inspiration in the works of the Classical Greek sculptors and although the original bronze Doryphoros has been lost to mankind, the Romans produced numerous copies in marble. Sculptures such as this would have adorned the properties of wealthy Romans and attested to their taste for Greek art which was regarded as the height of artistic acheivement.

Roman, 1st or 2nd Century AD

16.7 x 8.8 cms, 26 cms including display stand

Fragment as seen in the photographs, the surface has been cleaned and lightly re-worked in the 19th or 20th Century, including the removal of a puntello on the figure’s right hip which would have supported the position of the right arm originally.

Ex. private collection, Bavaria, Germany; acquired in the 20th Century. Mounted on a Roman marble architectural fragment re-purposed as a display block.