Roman red ware pottery flask




A red slip ware pottery flask with two strap handles and applique decoration to the surface.
Both sides of the body are decorated with a single applique framed by a pair of palm fronds. Both handles are moulded with stylised palm frond decoration.

One applique shows a figure of a leaping wild boar. The other applique depicts a very interesting male double-head: when viewed normally, one sees a bearded head but when turned upside down one sees another head where the beard has become the hair and the face is clean-shaven. An amusing insight into Roman humour.

One side is decorated with a lion mauling a wild boar and the other side depicts a victor’s wreath, a pair of palm fronds frame both sides.

Roman, North African colonies, c. 3rd or 4th Century AD

14.6 x 10 cms

Upper part of vessel restored, one of the handles has been attached from a different vessel and does not belong.

Ex. private collection, UK. Acquired in London during the 1980’s/90’s.