Roman terra sigillata pottery erotic fragment



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A fragment from a terra sigillata red gloss ware vessel with moulded erotic decoration. The fragment shows the upper part of a woman wearing a strap brassiere and a man’s right hand on her shoulder, his head behind her body.

Roman, 1st or 2nd Century AD

10.2 x 5.8 cms, display block 14.5 cms wide

Fragment as shown

Deaccessioned from the Beate Uhse Erotic Museum, Berlin, Germany. Ex. collection Beate Uhse, Germany (1919-2001); acquired from a 19th Century collection. Museum inventory numbers and label under the base.

Beate Uhse was an early pioneer of gender equality, becoming a pilot in the 1930’s and founding reputedly the first sex shop in the world after World War II.

Mounted on a plaster display block showing a drawing of the missing parts of the decoration