Canaanite large figure of a warrior god




A large and striking bronze or copper solid cast figure of a warrior god. The deity is depicted naked apart from a girdle or broad belt, onto which is attached a dagger; around his neck are two huge torcs. Both arms are raised and his left hand appears to hold part of a shield while his right arm is held back in the striking position and would probably have held a spear. His head is surmounted by a peaked crown with a narrow frontal cross-bar, similar to Egyptian horns of Amun.

Trade, social and artistic links between the Greek world and the Near East are well-documented, but this figure makes an astonishingly close comparison to Greek early Geometric figures such as the important Karditsa “Achilles” from Thessaly, made around one thousand years later.

Levant, probably Canaanite, early 2nd Millennium BC

13.7 x 4 cms.

Losses as seen in the photographs, no repairs or restoration.

Ex. private collection, Norfolk, UK.