Amlash large sheet bronze figure




A large sheet bronze idol-figure with a plain round body rising to a rectangular pierced trunk with repousse decoration. The top terminates in two stylised heads each decorated with a cross and dots.

The exact meaning or purpose of these enigmatic objects remains unknown. It has been suggested that the body was used as a mirror though the handles were rarely designed for practical use.

Excavations have revealed that these objects were placed in burials and may therefore have had a ritual significance. The abstract shape suggests a connection with earlier idol figures.

North West Persia (Amlash region), 6th to 4th Century BC

Intact as shown, minor losses to the top of one of the terminals

30 x 16 cms, 32 cms including stand

Ex. private collection, London, UK; acquired 1970’s-1980’s.

Supplied with a perspex display stand