Egyptian Pre-Dynastic siltstone cosmetic palette




A fine dark grey siltstone palette carved in the form of a circular rimmed dish with two pierced round handles. The base of the palette is finely smoothed while the interior displays scratches and wear from use.

Palettes held an important symbolic role in Pre-Dynastic Egypt, they were used to grind cosmetics which were applied to the face before various ceremonies and rituals.

Egypt, Pre-Dynastic, probably Naqada I or II, 4th Millennium BC

15.9 x 1.5 cms

The body repaired in two places, one handle repaired, no losses or restoration.

Ex. collection: Cole Porter, USA, 1891-1964. Thence by descent to Louise Cole Schmitt.

Cole Porter was one of the most successful playwrights and songwriters of the early 20th Century. He was as famous for his work as his opulent and unconventional lifestyle funded by family money, work and marriage to the wealthy heiress Linda Lee Thomas. Their Paris home was known for its zebra skin upholstery and platinum wallpaper, few things in the couple’s life were acquired with concern for cost.