Iberian votive bronze figure of a man




A bronze votive figure in the form of a highly stylised standing man wearing a short kilt fastened by a rectangular belt.

Iberian, 5th to early 4th Century BC

8.1 x 2 cms

Losses as seen in the photographs

Ex. collection: Pierre and Claude Verite, France (1900-1993 & 1928- ). The father and son Verites were among the most influential ethnographic dealers in France during the mid 20th Century, supplying and informing numerous artists as well as museums. From the 1920’s onwards they amassed an unrivalled private collection which was for the most part kept secret from the outside world. It was only after Pierre Verite’s death that the collection started to be sold through various auctions including Christies Paris which acheived several record results for tribal art.

For a similar figure with a rectangular belt please compare: Iberian Antiquities from the Collection of Leon Levy and Shelby White, The Spanish Institute, New York 1993, catalogue number 17.